Thursday, 26 January 2012

Simple & Easy Mehndi Design For Kids

Mehndi is very popular among every age of girl whether a teenage girl, married woman or a kid. Apart from young girls, mehndi is very popular among kids. It’s not possible that kids also apply difficult and complex mehndi designs that are used for young girls. For this reason, we will represent easy mehndi designs for kids. As we know that mehndi is the symbol of happiness and celebration. So kids also want to show their happiness and celebration by applying mehndi on their hands. In this article we will represent few beautiful but simple and easy mehndi designs for kids. Kids can apply these mehndi designs for any type of occasion or festival. 


  1. good for the beginners... thnks for d posts...!

  2. i am a kid soooo ii try to do my best

  3. I am asking if u guys get anyy new mehindi desins can u sent it to my account plzzz

  4. As an adult with no children, I think it's nice that parents are allowing their kids to experience with henna in order to satisfy their artistic desires. It is, after all, not permanent and they can play with it to perhaps fulfill their desire to get that permanent marking on their bodies at such a young age and one that most likely they will regret in later years.

    This is a great alternative and I think of it this way – non permanent means you can keep changing your mind and designs and have fun with the art guys!! Way to go and keep practicing.